Your Drive Can Be Better By Monday

Better By MondayA goal is like a vehicle. Maybe you haven’t been driving a beat up, falling apart, gasping and sputtering heap but you want something better than you have.  So, you set a goal or make a resolution to upgrade to a better version – hoping it will enhance your drive.

A dynamic, luxurious and super smooth speedster may take a bigger commitment than you’re ready to make so you have opted for a model year newer than what you have currently. You are smart because you don’t want to get into a super goal with too much torque to handle.

That kind of goal puts self-importance at your fingertips like you’ve never known. A stream lined, proactive goal can take you places you’ve only seen in vacation guides. Beautiful places where you’re in control and you feel confident! Just make sure you feel true to yourself too.

The Lamborghini of goals is tempting but you are more realistic. It doesn’t matter if your goal is one of the best in the world if it simply makes your world better.  A Chevy (goal) may be just what you’re looking for in style, comfort and manageability. A good goal is personal, realistic and attainable and makes you proud when you see yourself in the driver’s seat. You know you will step behind the wheel more, if you like the ride.

One Thing To Do: Drive your goal around this weekend at different speeds. See if a slower speed works better or if cutting the drive time down will help you get in and drive it more often.

Dawna Daigneault, Eds, LPC

Dawna Daigneault, Eds, LPC

Dawna Daigneault, Ed.S., LPC.

Zest of Life, Professional Counseling.

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